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Apparently, I have been very busy as of late, but every so often, I pause to reminisce about the Farmers’ Markets.  I probably have been thinking of it more often since the Farmers’ Market was literally two blocks away from work, and I just started work again.

To me, the Farmers’ Market was the best part of the week after all, it signified the end of the work week and the possibility of weekend baking projects.  During that one hour lunch break, I had fun ruminating over the best way to showcase the ripest summer fruits.  Alas, it is winter now, and quite a number of them have closed up.

However, that has not stopped me from thinking about fruits lately.  Even something as common as the apple may have some 46 odd varieties at the European-style market and co-ops that are so popular here in the Bay Area.  I am still unsure what a Jazz Apple tastes like as opposed to a Pink Lady.

That, to me, is unacceptable since both varieties are readily available, so I have been trying my best to learn more about the fruits and vegetables available to me.  What better way to learn about apple varieties than making a pie that is stacked tall with three kinds of apples.



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