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I seem to like the ice cream shops with the long lines.  The wait doesn’t bother me; in fact, it allows me to do other things like imagine which ice cream flavors the strangers in front of me are going to pick.

Haha, I am not sure what thoughts other people think of in these long lines waiting to see the flavors, but I usually try to imagine why people pick the ice cream that they do.  I think that the combination of choices is slightly telling of the personality they have or the mood they are in.

Some marry the tried and true flavor combinations together like coffee and chocolate.  They seem simply satisfied with something they know will be good, or maybe they need that jostle of caffeine because they are caffeine fiends.  Hey, this is spoken from a recovering caffeine addict ;)

Then, there are those ice cream flavors we try on a dare or a whim.  If you asked us a few hours later, we may not pick that flavor again.  I mean, who would try eating the herbaceous basil ice cream if you had other more delectable and normal choices?  FYI: basil ice cream is delicious with its delicate anise notes and works great as a palate cleanser.  Who knew?

And then there are other flavors that lie somewhere in between that spectrum of weird and boring.  For the curious but not ambitious, it’s the perfect harmony of trying something new without fretting whether that flavor would be the unsavory scoop of ice cream that will have to be swallowed down fast.

At least, that’s where I stood with the idea of toasted coconut ice cream.  What is toasted coconut ice cream supposed to taste like anyway?  Is it more toasty or coconut-like?  Is it like a fabulous coconut cream pie in ice cream form?  Well, if it even resembles Tom Douglas’ coconut cream pie, I am sold.



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Whenever I am at the cusp of taking on greater (and exciting) responsibility, I tend to briefly fall back to all things that are small, cute and colorful.  Perhaps, it’s my own little ritual of sorts to delve into the memories that define myself.  I am not entirely sure.  As much as I am wholly ready to embrace the challenges ahead of me, I still find parts of me drifting in carefree nostalgia of yesteryear.  Perhaps my friends don’t share that kind of odd nostalgia for all things colorful and sweet, and instead, they look for things bigger, better, and brighter.   However, I think there is a small part of us that wistfully pines for cotton candy, sour belts, and rainbow sprinkles.

We may not all pine for those things specifically after all, some of us believe sprinkles taste like chalk.  Me?  I think sprinkles are the stuff of colorful magic–they may not taste good, but they have this powerful draw of whim and fancy.  I still think that sprinkles are the fairy dust of childhood, and that is an equally powerful sensory experience!

I am thinking about this more lately since most of my high school friends have finally left my hometown.  It’s sort of like the end of an era that was filled with the collector’s obsession with charm bracelets and giggly mini-high school reunions.  I am cognizant of all of this since I can’t conveniently dispose of my extra pint of homemade ice cream or overload of cake and cookies at a friend’s place five minutes away.  Oh, the troubles of being a compulsive baker…

This weekend was kind of a project to sum up all things magical about growing up.  At least, I thought that is what a funfetti cake personified.


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