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My eyes are seeing fuzzy.  Learning to stare at an extended desktop screen for eight hours does that to me.  You know, the kind of fuzzy that puts you prematurely to sleep when you’re not tired?

I am learning to cope with the fuzzy, but as hard as I try to focus, that kind of fuzzy prevents me from seeing cool tabs like this “Newsletter Sign-Up” feature by the “About” section.



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Just Lychee Ordering Menu

It has been nearly three weeks since I last mentioned the Bake Sale here.  It is not that I have not been thinking about it; in fact, I have been thinking about it quite a bit!

The biggest problem I am having with the bake sale concept is that I don’t have the manpower to do it.  Yes, I can do much of the prep work for all of the cookies in advance, but if I intend to bake cakes, those need to be baked near or on the day of the bake sale.  One oven can only do so much baking at once.

The other quibble I have is that I felt like the bake sale menu, while interesting, was not exactly what I had envisioned.  I wanted to make lots of little cute yummy cookies and cakes that highlighted Asian ingredients like lychee and black sesame.  Yes, lots of little things because we girls have a soft spot for all things tiny :)

With thoughtful consideration, I decided to set my little business as a made-to-order kind of deal with options to buy cookies, cakes, and ice cream.  Yes, I did say ice cream as a kind of fun ode to summer!

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