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After over a week in full makeup, heels, and a business suit, I just wanted to be my normal bare-faced, slightly sloppy college student self.  Yes, yes, that self that walks around with a clumsy over-sized jacket on the weekdays and a smudge of batter on weekends. Because I cannot mindlessly work away at baking projects without a functional kitchen, I chose to go to Confectionery Row to poke into various bakeries for a pick-me-up at the end of this exhausting week of having to aggressively market myself to a bunch of strangers.

I stopped by one fairly well-known bakery to sample one of their cakes.  Goodness, I wish this cake tasted as adorable as it looked, but sadly, it was unusually bland for a coconut-passion fruit cake.  (How does a tropical cake seem so boring?!  It should taste like paradise!)  Maybe it would have tasted better if I was treated better, and maybe I should have dressed up more fashionably.  I should have known better since I anticipated I would be treated less than stellar because I didn’t fit with their usual customers who are older and with money.



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