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My mind has a bad habit.  It tends to face-plant over a recipe, glares at it, and obsesses over how that recipe “got in the way” of dreaming up bigger, fancier things.  For a while, panna cotta seemed like one of those simple and elegant desserts–always unfussy and usually plain.

While panna cotta graces many Italian dinners as a sweet farewell to the antipasti, primo piatto, secondo piatto, and contorno, its presence during the course of the meal, while appreciated, flits away as quickly as a dream ends. In short, it is hard to remember the experience of eating panna cotta because its flavors are so simple and pure that the dolce course seems so subdued relative to the other courses.

However, for a change, this twist on the classic panna cotta intrigued me in a way that I can’t pinpoint.  I think it’s the pink.  No, I swear, it’s the pink.  Wait, I’m not sure.  Is it the strawberry or the pink?  I am partial to both.   Or was it the novelty of trying kefir?



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