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Accounting is usually thought as black-and-white–the debits either equals the credits, or they don’t.  It seems that simple.  Well, accounting and finance professors and CPAs will insist that it’s anything but black-and-white.  If anything, it’s shades of gray thanks to the kind of subjectivity and ambiguity in accounting reporting standards.

To me, accounting is still all black-and-white, but I am taking it quite literally.  Have you ever seen a colorful financial statement?  Yeah, they don’t really exist, and after sifting through financial statement after financial statement for various accounting papers and reading off the gray digits on the calculator to do homework and exams for the past 12-13 weeks of school, I still think the kind of business strategies reflected on the financial statements are interesting and all, but I honestly have enough of the black and white and gray.  I would like some color please!

Lately, I keep thinking about the pretty jewel-like colors of agua fresca.  When I first saw the drinks, I wondered how did she get the drinks to look like the hues of the ripest summer melons.  It wasn’t until I tried pureeing some exceptionally ripe strawberries, I found out the beautiful colors come from the fruit themselves!



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