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10 Things I Learned This Summer

My apologies with the lack of posts. As they say, I am trying to seize the moment and put my hands on every cooking/ baking project that intrigues me.

So far, that has kept me very busy and dirty. Don’t believe me? Just ask the guy who kept chuckling at how I managed to walk out the door with a little bit of chocolate peanut butter ice cream at the corner of my mouth. I was testing the “product” and swear I wiped it all off, but peanut butter is sticky so there! :(

In other words, there has been a lot of trial and error that has been undocumented. Some things turned out more fabulous than I imagined. Other things were incredibly disappointing, but you don’t need to know that.


All you need to know is that…

1. If plain mushy oatmeal isn’t your cup of tea, maybe chewy steel cut oats is. It’s so easy too :)

2. If I had more time in the world, I would be making lots and lots of yeast breads (both sweet and savory).

3. My dear old oven has a temper–it runs hot.

4. I think booze really makes ice cream taste better and creamier.

5. If you chop garlic or onions, touch stainless steel (i.e. a chef’s knife) to get rid of the smell, but don’t ever run your hands or dishes in hot water to get rid of the smell. [Reason? It’ll just get worse and never leave. (Courtesy of my lovely brother who works in a restaurant kitchen.)]

6. I found my new work lunch buddy–a tomato and feta frittata sandwich with homemade aioli from this book.

7. Eric Ripert’s show is now my new favorite food show. Sorry Bourdain!

8. All things whimsical are not always well-received.

9. First this, then that. I sometimes forget how satisfying Marcela Hazan’s simple pasta recipes are.

10. Air-chilled chicken makes for delectable fried chicken.


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