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Raspberry Buttermilk Cake

The most meticulous person is not always the neatest person, or at least, I am the most meticulous un-neat person ever.  However, don’t look at my office desk for evidence because it is an exhibit of how a calm accountant’s cubicle should look like, and no, my neatly printed handwritten to-do lists are definitely not incriminating.  Look to my personal desk, which is stacked high of food memoirs, unanswered letters, and crinkled receipts.  Yes, that is my mind in physical form–one whopping mess.

In addition to the aforementioned randomness that calls my desk home, there is the list of August birthdays sat with a pleading urgency on top of the sheets and sheets of yellow.  I am not bad, and I have not forgotten.  I am stumped because I have this horrible habit of trying to one-up myself while attempting to dream up thoughtful presents.      

Perhaps, the difficulty here lies in the fact that I try to pick gifts that remind me of themselves.  Lately, I have been thinking about a past conversation with one friend with an August birthday about how good the raspberry coffee cake at one of the American breakfast joints was, and as soon as I saw this cake appear on one of the food potluck sites, I thought, This is it! 

Of course, since my mind wraps around all things food, she reminds me (maybe, unfortunately so) of a raspberry buttermilk cake.  A Gourmet one, I might add because she’s awesome like that, or so, the foodie in me tries to rationalize!



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Tartine is arguably the most famous San Francisco bakery I never heard of prior to going to college, and I have heard many of the local institutions growing up due to the fact that Mom’s family is from the City.  Mama’s.  Mitchell’s Ice Cream.  Golden Gate Bakery.  It took me a friend who raved about it, and then the hordes of food bloggers documenting their every visit to finally visit this San Francisco institution.  Of course, now I regret all of that stalling.  Tartine has become the place for me to go to while in the Mission.  No questions asked.  Tartine has become my source and inspiration for many baking projects.

One of my closest friends has seen this obsession with Tartine manifest into rambles about Tartine every time I mention San Francisco and bakery in the same sentence, I might as well have a hard copy of the book instead of combing through these loose leaf copies I have of the cookbook.  Thanks again, Julia!

Because Julia is traveling abroad for the next two weeks, I decided to mark that event by making something from the Tartine cookbook that is also quirky in honor of getting the hard copy.  Yes, I always celebrate with food!


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