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Women seem to have a soft spot for chiffon cakes.  My aunt raves about them as the perfect cake.  Even my mother, the one who proclaims to not like sweets, gushes about those cakes.

In fact, every week, I am reminded of this since Mother’s friend’s daughter makes a seasonal fruit chiffon cake for their gatherings.  This reminder makes me a teensy bit sad (and jealous) since this daughter has the awesome job of working as a pastry chef at a Japanese bakery.  Haha, I want to have that kind of hands-on experience!

For weeks, Mother nudged me to try to make chiffon cakes, I didn’t budge because I am scared of things that deflate.  It’s like seeing your dream in its ethereal glory become a dense rock.  Honest!   It took all that time since I bookmarked this recipe till just yesterday when Mother made homemade soy milk.  Yup, at that point, I thought that it’s about time to make this Asian-inspired chiffon cake :)



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